Create a positive Feedback Culture

In business create a positive feedback culture

Feedback tips: Organisations with a strong feedback culture tend to perform better. Important information gets from those who have it to those that need it, and the channels of communication are opened.

1. Demonstrate what you want done

“The fish rots from the head down” refers to the principle of leading by example. What leaders do the rest of the organisation will imitate, bad or good behaviour. Top leadership needs to demonstrate the integrity, honesty and feedback they advocate. The behaviour demonstrated by leadership sets the tone for the entire organisation. The “Do what I say, not what I do” approach doesn’t work.

2. Ina positive Feedback Culture transparency matterspositive Feedback Culture

As leaders we are “on stage” even when we are not actually on a stage. The example we set is noticed even when we are out of the spotlight. A high level of integrity and transparency encourages individuals at all levels to highlight and communicate problems within the organisation. Leaders should keep their associates and business partners informed on the status of major issues as well as progress toward resolution. The transparent approach ensures the focus is on problem solving; it reduces speculation which damages engagement levels and the brand of the organisation. The CEO of Glaxo, Jean-Pierre Garnier, included daily phone calls to employees to update them on issues, and posted progress concerning the crises relating to their diabetes drug, Avandia, on their intranet.

3. In a positive Feedback Culture demonstrate best feedback practices.

The Leadership of the organisation should be trained in effective feedback techniques (e.g. the 3-2-1 feedback technique) and be held accountable for providing positive, constructive, regular input to their team members on performance. All leaders should also actively seek out feedback on their feedback skills, and it’s impact. Feedback should go in both directions – upwards and downwards.

Those that innovate and exhibit the desired healthy feedback behaviours should be acknowledged; this leads to clarity on what is expected. Behaviour acknowledged gets repeated. The research indicates that even the most experienced leaders can initially struggle to deliver constructive feedback within their organisations. Effective positive balanced feedback is a skill, initially it may be uncomfortable to do but with practice it becomes easier.

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