Seek first to understand

Seek to understand first – a business communication skill

Learn to develop the skill of getting to know others first, rather than attempting to gain the experience from them first. We all desire to be understood. Yearn to have another person “get” us, see who we are and what we need. Listening and Understanding leads to answers. What does the customer need?

In our business and personal lives it is essential to be the one to take the first step. If you will show real interest in your clients, attempt to know them and their needs first, they will appreciate the effort and will, in time, try get who you are – the real you.Human connection, a sense of belonging and feeling understood are essential to healthy relationships.

We often hold out for others to know us first when the trick is to understand others first. This demonstrates we are interested in them which can lower their guard and help forge a connection. We want to know how much people care, before we care how much they know.

See first to understand

As human beings we want others to get to know us first, before we are willing to get to know them. When we seek first to understand we are able to use this powerful element of human nature to our advantage.


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