Perfecting your soundbite pitch or elevator pitch

Develop a soundbite pitch/elevator pitch to quickly introduce you, your products or organisation.Perfecting your soundbite pitch or elevator pitch

A soundbite or elevator pitch is a clear, concise and a well-practiced description of the benefit your company offers.

  1. Get to the point: Think of it as a news headline with key points – in other words, no longer than 60 seconds (+/- 150-225 words).
  2. Intrigue and passion: You might want to develop a tagline to intrigue your audience, something that captures the imagination. You can also use an analogy that is relatable. A good pitch makes the listener feel something, show your passion it is contagious.
  3. Solve their Problem: Explain how your unique solution fills a clear need/solves a problem. If you aren’t solving a problem or filling a specific need, you’re in for a tough sell. Avoid sounding like you have a solution in search of a problem.
  4. Speak in plain English: Describe your product or service and its benefits clearly and simply, not in abstractions. Bring it down to relatable analogies don’t use consultant-ese, techno babble or MBA-speak (even if your product is very complex). Time is of the essence.
  5. Question and tailor: Ask a few of questions make sure you’re targeting the right person with the right message. Tailor your pitch to the listeners needs, how you can solve their problem for them.
  6. Close with a call to action: Always end your pitch with a call to action, but remember that different audiences lead to a different call to action. If you’re actually in an elevator the call to action is often to set up a phone call or longer conversation, occasionally it is to continue the conversation. The pitch is normally to intrigue and open the door, not to make a sale on the spot.
  7. Be consistent: Ensure your sales people, managers and other key members of your organisation can also deliver your organisation’s soundbite pitch fluently. Nothing is worse than a fumbling, contradictory description of your organisation and products.Soundbite pitch Infographic

Get help from a professional to design your soundbite pitch or elevator pitch

If you really want to get your presentations right, consider hiring a professional presentation consultant to help. A professional can help you get perspective about what’s important, help you protect your brand and deliver a clear message. If you need help Perfecting your soundbite pitch or elevator pitch contact us today.

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