10 powerful speech tips

10 powerful speech tips for business presentations

1. Your emotional content matters! (top speech tips)

Emotional Content counts, it keeps the audience’s attention/interest. Delivery is important, but content and emotion are essential. Your message must evoke emotion. Emotion beats intellect every time.

2. Tell stories

We relate to, and remember stories e.g. life lessons, love, family, personal development, beating the odds. The best topics are those stories that have universal appeal and are spoken from the heart.

3. Humour makes ideas stick

Humour is an essential element – quips, anecdotes or phrases should support your core message. If the humour does not support your message, cut it!

4. Answer the Question: Why should I care?

Look at your message from the perspective of your audience? Is the key message clear? Are there any confusing words, phrases, or parts? Edit and cut the excess that does not fit the point of the speech!

5. Use natural Gestures

Notice the gestures you naturally make, and then work on refining the delivery of those gestures in alignment with your message. Use bigger gestures (on stage perspective is different). If your body language does not match your words, your audience will believe your body language first.

6. Use natural Vocal Variety

Vocal variety should enhance the words and message. Don’t write a speech, and then try force in louder elements, softer elements, etc. afterwards. You may have to rewrite to add the desired vocal impact, to make your points, humour and stories pop. Be aware of the difference between spoken and written English.

7. Value balanced feedback (top speech tips)

Crave feedback and improve your speech on every level. This is the difference between good and great! Also remember feedback is an opinion, one perspective. You need to own your speech. Tweak your delivery and message based on perspective and feedback, but … remember it is your message. You can’t please everyone!

8. Seek Memorable/Magic Moments

The best way to ensure you stand out is to create at least one memorable moment. You might sing, use a prop, or have a powerful gesture (ta-da). Leave the audience remembering your (emotional) message. The wow must reinforce your message.

9. End Strong and Positive

Always end with hope, a smile, or a positive emotion. People like to feel good. The last impression you leave should be positive! Engage your audience with your opening line; have a positive memorable closing line.

10. Right frame of mind

Focus on the audience and the message. The right frame of mind is critical. Stop trying to impress them, as it places the focus on you (your ego). Each time you do the speech should be passionate, real and in the moment.10 powerful speech tips Infographic

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Use these 10 powerful speech tips and techniques to take your speaking to the next level. Contact us today if you need coaching or training to implement these tips and to take your speaking to the next level.

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