Performance feedback: Make KPI’s easier

Performance feedback: In business make KPI feedback easier

Performance feedback for success

Does the thought of a “Performance review” make your teeth grind and  your stomach churn?

Most employees and managers dread this process. The problem is we often don’t feel comfortable giving or receiving feedback due to lack of skill, experience or an effective, supportive process. We have institutionalised the giving and receiving of feedback, making it something we do by rote. We tend to save our praise and comments for the reviews instead of giving them in the moment, while the concept is still fresh in our minds. Once, or twice, a year we deliver a pile of “stale constructive criticism” to each employee and are surprised by the negative responses. No wonder the process becomes unnerving and fear provoking.Performance feedback: Make KPI's easier

Giving and receiving performance feedback is potentially some of the most important communication we can engage in with the members of our team. Team members need to know what they are doing well, and areas (with suggestions) where they can improve. Time needs to be made to involve them in the solutions, and to hear their feedback too. Team members need to see and experience, through our actions, that feedback is welcomed. For them to really hear, and take action on suggestions, feedback needs to be delivered in both directions, carefully and frequently.

Make Feedback easier: 

  1. Train leaders (and team members) on how to deliver effective, constructive feedback.
  2. Create a culture of open, growth mindset, supportive feedback through demonstrated action. Our teams follow our examples, not necessarily what we say they should do.
  3. An effective process, and practice, helps us avoid the uncomfortable feeling we all get when critiquing others.

Giving feedback effectively is a skill, that takes practice to build competence and confidence. Without a tried tested process which is effectively trained we all and tend to avoid these potentially awkward, or potentially confrontational, discussions. This is a very human issue and one that is easily overcome with the right training and repeated practice.

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