Communication in Change Management

Clear Communication Tips for Business Change Management

Change efforts often succeed or fail on the strength of communications. Research shows it’s almost impossible to over-communicate when instigating and leading change. In any successful change management communications process it is important to:

  • Say what you mean and mean what you say (Most important).
  • Create clear, brief, messages explaining the need (urgency) for the change. The messages should be congruent, but can take different approaches/angles – keeping the essence the same.
  • Focus on the “Why should I care angle”, send a clear message to employees as to why they should get behind the change. How the change will prevent pain for them, or positively impact them, once completed.
  • Communicate regularly, in as many ways as possible, including speaking, training, writing, video, notice boards, and in as many creative ways as possible about the change. It can help to get buy-in if employees are engaged to help create the messages.
  • Communicate short-term wins regularly, as quickly as the information is available. Ensure employees know what is happening. Ensure they know that clear, consistent communication is a focus to keep them in the loop. Withholding communication until change is in motion can be disastrous and cause rumours and fear.
  • Ensure the emotional tone and delivery of the message are congruent with the message. People tend to place far more weight on the tone and body language of a speaker than the contents alone.
  • Create an open Feedback process to ensure two-way communication between management and employees.
  • Walk your talk. Staff copy what management do.Change management communications elements Infographic

    Change Management Demonstrate Leadership

    Demonstrate best practice.

See also my 5 change management tips for more information on how to handle change in your organisation in an Emotionally Intelligent manner which increases Employee Engagement.

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