Demonstrate self esteem at work

Demonstrate self esteem in business and life

We teach other people how to treat us …. by the way we treat ourselves and others.

Too many of us spend our lives hoping and wishing people will appreciate us … treat us right … but our actions speak louder than our words. How we treat ourselves demonstrates how we perceive ourselves, how we feel we deserve to be treated.

We each have different experiences – frame of references …how is anyone supposed to know what you mean unless you clarify what you mean? Our actions clarify those references. In business and all other types of relationships this is true. As a customer service agent, if we are well groomed, smile and friendly this sets the tone for a encounter with a customer. If we are scruffy, grumpy and rude, this sets the tone for the encounter and how the customer will react.When it comes to self esteem Demonstrate

Treat me right ??… unless you clarify what you mean … I’ll use my frame of reference    Don’t wait … Demonstrate what you mean. Teach other to treat you with respect by treating yourself, and others, with the respect you mean .. show what you mean. Demonstrate the self esteem you want.

self esteem Change Management Demonstrate LeadershipYou are the message

Demonstrate best practice.

My suggestion … if you want to be treated right … remember your actions speak louder than your words, clarify what you mean,  and take the first step, rather than hoping others will guess what you need or mean.

Create one clear message and self esteem daily.

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