Pecha kucha presentation style tips

The heart of the Pecha kulcha presentation style

Is death by power point a problem in your organisation?

Here are some tips on using the pecha kucha presentation style. Simple 20 x 20 (only 6 minutes and 40 seconds). This simple and effective style of presentations can change the phenomenon of “Death by power point” in your business forever. It encouraged preparation and speaking rather than reading. this lean style can help you become a better speaker and presenter. You have to prepare, know what you are going to say … and it is fun :-)

Pecha kucha basics

  • 20 slides (think images not text)
  • 20 seconds per slide
  • Slides are automated (slide show mode – no clicker)
  • Timing matters

Pecha kucha presentation style tips:

  1. Choose a simple topic. Often presenters are tempted to pick complicated topics that need too many facts explain (in Pecha kulcha as well as traditional presentations). Realistically, not everything is simple enough to be explained in less than 7 minutes. Presentations are meant to focus attention and visually enhance an idea, not to share every piece of research you have ever done. You can, however, simplify your topic and pick the essence of the topic (or pick another topic). The gist of an effective topic should be able to be condensed  into one simple line.simple idea pech kuch presentation
  2. Begin with an outline. As with all presentations it is essential to begin with an outline. Pixar uses a storyboard (cartoon type version of their story) to plot and plan their movies. We can do the same by jotting down the core elements of the presentation on 3 x 5 inch note cards. It is helpful to restrict yourself to one idea per card – each card will then represent one slide. outline pecha kucha presentation
  3. What is most the important thing you want your audience remember? Neuroscience research demonstrates that we are likely to only remember about 10% of a presentation. If you know they will only remember one thing, what would you want that to be? When you have decided on that 10% or one thing ensure that every slide image, move you make, story you share and word you say helps support that one idea. remember ten percent pecha kucha presentations
  4. Tell a story to illustrate your ideas. The best presentations are often good stories instead of a list of facts or data pieces strung together. It is not about “dumbing down” but making the idea relatable. Stories and analogies take the audience on a short journey that has an opening, development, and conclusion. Think about how your story will combine with the images you’ve chosen to solidify your message and give the audience a rich experience. Be sure to share with the audience why your presentation topic is important to you and why they should care about it too.storytelling pecha kucha presentations
  5. Use high resolution, simple, powerful, relevant images. The images you choose should augment your message and your story. Ensure the images are high quality (low quality images pixilate and look unprofessional. Use high resolution royalty-free images or take your own photos. 1024 × 768 is a very common resolution for laptop displays and for video projectors, so it’s a good choice for image size when in doubt. 800×600 images will look stretched or pixilated on a high res projector.high res images pecha kucha presentations
  6. Keep it simple. Presenters often try to cram too much information into their time, even though Pecha Kucha 20×20 presentations are always exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds. This means they have to talk really fast (and breathe less) to fit everything in. Less is truly more. Mercilessly edit out anything that isn’t vital to some aspect of your presentation. A good rule of thumb is that five minutes of talking will take almost seven minutes to deliver – if you breathe and paste to let your ideas sink in. You audience cannot digest a high speed data dump and will switch off. Keep your presentation simple, limited to a single theme/idea/topic, and tell us a story. Additional ideas can always be crafted into another presentation.keep it simple peach kulcha presentations
  7. Practise? Practise. Practise! The best way to reduce nerves and build confidence for speaking in front of a group is to prastice your presentation numerous times – OUT LOUD. When we run through the presentation in our heads it is not the same.  Having many rehearsals under your belt (ten or more) will allow you to feel more comfortable and have fun during your presentation. Practising out loud will also help with the timing. Remember the presentation will be on slideshow mode (automated – no clicker) so timing matters!

Pecha kucha presentation style tips

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