Performance feedback: Crave feedback

Performance feedback: To become exceptional in business crave feedback

Feedback is the food of champions. When customers give us feedback that something should be better, we can take it as an attack … or as an opportunity to grow and develop better service. Each day we speak, act  and interact but it does not necessarily improve our skill in that arena. In order to improve skill feedback and perspective are essential. Using the input of a coach can enable us to use deep practice. Deep practice is conscious, focused awareness and correction of actions in order to achieve mastery. Feedback from a coach can enable the effective integration of knowledge, turning it into experience. Learn to crave feedback … it will grow and develop your skills. Sometimes we need to be clear, help people learn how to give us feedback that helps, rather than shuts us down.

Balanced feedback give us effective Performance feedback we can hear, more easily absorb and act on. Criticism is not as effective as balanced feedback. Nobody likes to be criticised. Criticism tends to make us shut down and not hear the “helpful suggestions.” Imagine for a moment you are back in high school, you come home with 4 A grades and 1 E. You have never received an A grade before. Where do you think the attention will be? On the 4 A grades? Or the 1 E??

We live in a world where more attention is paid to the issues, problems and failures – the squeaky wheels. Unfortunately it is hard to hear the “helpful” advice when it comes in torrents. It is far easier to hear and assimilate advice or Performance feedback when it comes in small doses (1 or 2 areas to improve),  than an overload of advice, no matter how well meant.

Performance feedbackAdditionally advice/feedback is far easier to stomach when we feel the person giving the advice sees the whole of us. I.e. sees the 4 A grades as well as the 1E. What is acknowledged will be repeated, whether we acknowledge the positive, or the negative.

Use Balanced feedback to give feedback that is heard and can be more easily applied. Demonstrate you care and see the whole person, not just the issue. Try using the 3-2-1 feedback method to give balanced effective feedback.

Use the 3-2-1 formulae – here is the template: OCM Evaluation sheet to help you give effective feedback and encourage growth.

If you want to learn how to create One Clear Message and keep your Performance feedback three times positive then Contact us today!One Clear Message 321 feedback Infographic

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