Self Appreciation a key to growth

Honest Self appreciation, a key to personal growth

When was the last time you took stock and appreciated who you are ?? Not in an ego way, but honestly saw your own value and beauty. Took the time to appreciate your strengths, what you offer and who you are?

We teach others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves. Self esteemis how we honestly feel about ourselves, appreciate and value who we are.

Self Appreciation

Self esteem is how you honestly feel about your Self

When we look after ourselves, value and appreciate our strengths and beauty we demonstrate to others how we expect to be treated. If we treat ourselves as an after-thought we, similarly, demonstrate our value and how we deserve to be treated. When we do this we are able to allow praise and validation, from others, to sink in. If we lack Self Appreciation and don’t value who we are we will always discount what others say, reject their praise and be suspicious of their motives … while allowing negative comments to re-inforce the poor image we have of our Self.

When you develop Self Appreciation, really value and appreciate yourself, you will allow others to do so as well. If you do not .. you will believe only those comments that are in alignment with your poor self image. We filter comments and interpret the actions of others based on how we see and value ourselves.

What message are we sending? Through how we see, appreciate and treat ourselves, positively or negatively? How are we teaching them to treat us?

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