Team building through improv

Team building through improv

So why do Team Building?

Team exercises helps gain dynamic rapport among team members as well as create a culture of learning, working and communicating effectively together.  Using fun effective games can increase the levels of creativity and fun within the team. Fun games can take the team members out of habitual practices and create the experience of new strategies and problem solving methods. The process can help build trust and help members appreciate other’s strengths and differences.

Team building games can effectively improve the experience of empathy, enabling members to see a different side of each other. As human beings we naturally want to care. We care for people, not drones. We need to see the human side. Humour and fun games can allow us a deeper look at that humanity.

A great way to build team rapport and spirit is through the use of improv games. Improvised games, similar to those played on TV’s “Who’s line is it anyway?” are a great way to have fun together as a team while building  rapport.

Two of my favourite games are “Freeze tag” and The Last person standing” Games. They enable creativity, laughter and a glimpse into teamwork and problem solving skills. They encourage team members to think on their feet, accept the offered premise/idea, run with the idea and work together to create something amazing. It is not about being funny, but more about working together and discovering the benefits of a well functioning team.

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Team building through improv

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