Where to stand when presenting – presenter position

Presenter position -Presentation skills for power point

So where to stand for maximum impact when presenting a power point presentation?

From the audience’s point of view the best place to stand is to the left of the screen, far enough back that the audience can see the screen clearly.

We read from left to right.
Our eyes reset to the left to begin reading the next line.
If you stand to the left you are where the eyes automatically look, if you are on the right, the audience is looking away from you to read the slides.

Where to stand when presenting - presentation tips presenter position

To the left of the screen is the optimal presenter position, but in the real world it isn’t always possible to stand on the left. This is why simple slides with little or no text can make all the difference. If your slides have tons of data and liens of text on your audience are more likely to reset their eyes to the left hand side after reading – meaning it will require that little more effort for them to look at you. Additionally they have to make the decision to either read, listen or switch off. Our brain cannot multitask when trying to absorb complex ideas so we tend to focus on one energy hungry last at a time. Each obstacle to easy listening we place in their way adds to the likelihood they will tune out. Effective use of our stage requires us to set up in advance to ensure we have the optimal room layout.

Remember this tip on presenter position –  stand to the left of the screen (in countries where they read left to right)

  • Prepare the room for maximum advantage – find the optimum position that reduces the effort required by your audience.
  • Keep your slides simple … allows your audience to follow and not get distracted or bored.
  • Don’t read your slides … Let them augment your message …
  • Holding the right attitude is essential.




Presentations are not about dumping information but about building understanding and connection.

As Dale Carnegie said “A talk is a voyage it must be charted.”

presentation skills - your talk is a voyage - dale carnegie

Presenter position is one tool to help create a memorable a powerful presentation.

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