Change management tips for business

Change management in business

Change requires new action, feeling, and begins with you.

We all have an automated emotional response (doing what we have always done, or what feels right), and a rational decision procedure (which weighs the facts) – which controls your choices?

Begin with the end in mind, make new choices. Step by step.

Change management

In order to make successful change we’ve got to reach/balance both the emotional and rational parts of ourselves. We need to create a path that is easy to follow with small wins along the way, to enable a successful change process. Changing behaviour is more about helping people see a perspective that helps influence their feelings, than persuading with logic and facts. Unfortunately an awareness of the facts, or a logical argument, does not lead to change in most cases. If it did losing weight or changing behaviour would be far easier. Be patient with yourself. Significant change does not happen right away.

Give yourself a break, and don’t expect to become a change wizard overnight. Change management is complex and takes time and has key steps that make it easier to manage.

Use these 5 Change tips to make change more effective

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