Tips for the wedding Master of Ceremonies (MC)

The wedding Master of Ceremonies (MC) introduces the speakers, co-ordinates the programme and keeps everything on track

The speeches at the wedding reception are meant to be an enjoyable part of the day, giving friends and family the opportunity to have some light fun and gain insight into the character and lives of the happy couple.

As MC you help coordinate the programme with all the key role players for the day, ensuring everyone knows what to do and when (while making sure the bride and groom are the stars of the show). As the MC you set the tone for the day. Make sure you are upbeat and keep the proceedings moving.

As the wedding master of ceremonies (MC) your duties on the day include:

  • Co-ordinate with caterers to ensure timing of snacks, drinks and meals
  • Co-ordinate the programme with DJ and/or band (ensure the correct music is cued up for entrance of wedding party, cutting of the cake and first dance)wedding Master of Ceremonies tips
  • Get the guests seated in the venue
  • Welcome the guests on behalf of the Bride & Groom
  • Make logistics announcements (bathrooms, smoking areas, bar arrangement, etc)
  • Ask the guests to stand and introduce the Wedding Party
  • Announce starters/dinner/dessert and procedure if there is a buffet
  • Lead applause (As MC you set the tone and  demonstrate the procedure)
  • Call up each speaker with a simple introduction of who they are and their role in the wedding
  • Call on guests to gather for the cutting of the cake
  • Call on guests to gather for the first dance
  • Ask Bridal Party and Parents to join the Bride & Groom on the dance floor
  • Open the dance floor to the other guests
  • Call up single guests for the tossing of bouquet/garter
  • Announce Farewell  of Bride & Groom (Circle/Guard of Honour)
  • Call on guests to gather for the departure of Bride & Groom

The tradition is for the wedding Master of Ceremonies to introduce the bride’s family to speak first then the groom’s family, normally the father then the mother if they both decide to speak. So in most weddings the bride’s father’s is first to make a speech (or a toast) followed by the groom’s father.  The order after that depends on who is speaking.  If the bride wants to speak she is next. Then the groom then finally the best man’s speech.  Traditionally the best man or groomsmen reads messages, occasionally the MC will read messages too.

Remember when planning the programme that many people find public speaking to be daunting. Speeches are best made by those who are prepared (and if nervous with some One on One coaching). If a member of the bridal party is too nervous to make a speech, don’t push the issue as stressed speakers can create an awkward moment (this can spoil the event, and embarrass the unwilling speaker). For coaching on being the wedding Master of Ceremonies contact us today!


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