The kiss test communicate analogy

The kiss test – lessons in business communication

The Kiss Test is how we kiss, or how we communicate. Kiss Communication as it relates to business, is an analogy of using feedback and customer awareness/needs to improve communication. The way we kiss and touch communicates volumes. It says a lot about who we are, how we interact with the world as well as how we feel. A kiss on the cheek is one thing, an intimate kiss in a relationship is a whole different animal. Finding the right kiss for the right situation is similar to finding the right method of communication to effectively put your message across.

The kiss test

How do you communicate?

This can be used as analogy for effective communication. Stories and analogies help us understand concepts and remember them easier than a list of facts.  If someone kisses poorly it may mean they need to learn to communicate more effectively to reach their

target market. A bad kiss is one that does not respond to the feedback of the “kissed” 🙂 It is where the kisser steamrolls ahead and does what they know, want or think the other wants – with no attention to feedback (pulling away – wiping drool off neck). Similarly in poor communication the speaker tends to talk regardless of subtle, or not so subtle, signals the message is boring, ineffective or of poor quality.

The kiss test speaks to how a kiss can be an intimate conversation between two people seeking understanding, connection and to share deeper feelings and knowledge of each other. In business KISS communication good “kissing” is where we get to know the “Kissed” and through feedback and questions, we discover their needs and create a win-win situation where our business relationship flourishes. We know what they need and are able to deliver. They feel understood and we ge the deal.

There are as many types of kisses as there are situations. Be aware of this and choose the right kiss for the right situation.

Watch this public service announcement. WARNING : Poor kisses may lead to the “”kissed” leaving and never doing “Business with you again”

Enjoy it and remember … a kiss is communication … What do you want to say?

Use the lessons from The kiss test in your communication and in building business relationships.

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